I am available for budgeting and scheduling for independent feature films, short films and other projects. I use the industry standard software, Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling. For pricing inquiries, please contact me below.

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    Once I receive your request, I will reply back to you as soon as possible to get any additional information. Please expect about a two week turnaround for all commissioned work, unless a different time table is agreed upon.


    Below are samples of my work for reference
    Sample Budget || Sample Schedule


    Click Here for Production Consultation Reviews:
    by Thomas Heatley on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: IVAN
    Budget Size: $70 million

    Hectorlyne is the most professional person I have dealt with in this industry. As such I can only encourage anyone to contact her for assistance. Timely, accurate, detailed are just a few thoughts that come to mind.

    by Jason Baustin on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: Blue

    It was a pleasure working with Hectorlyne. She is thorough, friendly and very skilled. I would definitely recommend her production consultation services.

    by Edward Amaral on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: Nokturnal Bliss
    Budget Size: 4.8 Million

    Hectorlyne is awesome. Great work on budget on time. Just an all around great person to work with.

    by Thomas Heatley on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: A Day with Harvey
    Budget Size: $3.1 million

    You are a rarity you do good work on time and on budget. We will be back soon.

    by Duffy Hecht on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: The Emerald Queen
    Budget Size: $15.4 million

    If I needed something done, whether new or old, a change or a fix, you sent it to me quickly and accurately and always with an excellent attitude. Thanks, Hectorlyne.

    by Jeremiah Vaughn on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: Saving The King

    Hectorlyne's work is and was on time, very efficient and superb. If you are looking for a great Line Producer use Hectorlyne Wuor Jarmon it was a pleasure to hire her for our Detailed Budget and Shooting schedule.

    by Chris Braun on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: Saving The King
    Budget Size: $13.7 million

    I highly recommend Hectorlyne Wuor Jarmon for Production consultation. Hectorlyne was given a very tight timeline to deliver a full budget & day out of days.

    She hit the deadline with very detailed, accurate work.

    We are strongly considering (if possible) to add Hectorlyne as our full time line producer to our project "Saving the King".

    Outstanding work! 5 out of 5!

    Chris Braun
    Saving the King

    by George Gomez on Hectorlyne
    Movie/Project Title: Saving The King
    Budget Size: $13 million

    Hectorlyne was exceptional. Very thorough and very precise. I would recommend her for anyone in this business. She was on time and on task and our team was very happy and satisfied with her extraordinary work for us. I wish I could give her higher than 5 stars